Meticulous in-house quality control procedures begin with IQC and supplier survey /evaluation to find approved suppliers by sampling their inspection plan and checking their quality requirements. Any defects found result in feedback and corrective action which is then followed up. Any defects are discussed during supplier quality counsel and corrective actions are investigate. Material quality defect analysis is also performed in order to collect R&D information and make the necessary rectification.

We provide regular training to our worker so that they can operate most efficiently and effectively. Our online QC continues throughout production reinforces quality in production lines. Incoming QC guards inferior quality components from putting into production. We also have our final QC responsible for reassuring that only quality products are shipped to our customers.



•QC/Technical Support

Our in-house QC staff is responsible for the overall quality of our products. It consists of 2 engineers, 4 technicians, 3 trade inspectors, 85 production staff and 10 others in specialized field of expertise.

We do 100% electrical testing under strictly quality control system prior to shipment

We also do storage tests every 6, 12, 18 and 24 months

•QC Staff

~35 Q. C. and Q. A. engineers

•Standards & Approvals


•Procedures/testing Details

As an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, we take quality testing seriously. We conduct five main tests, namely:

~100% Electrical Testing (open voltage, amperes, short circuit, loading voltage)

~Appearance Test (deformation, rusty and leakage)

~Pre-shipment Checking (major AQL 0.65 & minor AQL 1.5)

~Storage Test (6, 12, 18, 24 months; discharge, voltage, amperes)

~High temperature and high humidity storage test



•QC equipment:

~Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

~High Temperature/High Humidity Tester

~Computer Discharger

~Voltage/Amperes Testing Equipment