Why the longer the battery is, the less power


The durability of the battery has always made researche […]

The durability of the battery has always made researchers very entangled, because no matter how large the alkaline battery capacity is, it is meaningless if it cannot be recharged multiple times. We all know that lithium batteries will reduce their capacity with use, but no one has ever known why. Recently, the U.S. Energy Agency discovered the cause of battery "aging": nano-sized crystals.
Scholars have carefully studied the cathode and anode materials of modern batteries, and they have found that these materials are directly corroded during use, but the mechanism of corrosion is not yet clear. The Brookhaven National Laboratory team observed high-quality nickel-oxygen cathodes through a transmission electron microscope and recorded their changes during repeated charging and discharging.
The experiment shows that when lithium ions pass through the anode and cathode, they will "get stuck" in the ion channel. They will react with nickel oxide and form tiny crystals. These crystals change the internal structure of the battery and prevent other ions from reacting efficiently, thereby reducing the available battery capacity. Surprisingly, such weakness is random, and there is no law at all.
The reason why lithium batteries are not perfect is that the components of the battery are inherently imperfect. No matter how much we pay attention to the structure of the anode and cathode, small damage will produce crystals. Just like when boiling water, containers with uneven surfaces are more likely to make hot water bubbles. It can be said that as long as the battery material has gaps, nanocrystals will be produced.
The US Energy Agency also initiated a second study to explore the impact of charging speed on battery capacity. They found that modern batteries are getting smaller and smaller, which will shorten the battery life. The larger the battery, the faster the charging speed, and the slower the formation of nanocrystals.
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