Why does Tesla use thousands of AA batteries without using traditional large batteries?


In recent years, the development of new energy electric […]

In recent years, the development of new energy electric vehicles is obvious to all. From the initial niche vehicles, it has become the future development direction of automobiles. Among the new energy vehicle companies, Tesla is out of the leading position. After all, the new energy vehicle that was first developed is Tesla, which has left a deep impression on consumers. The difference between Tesla and other car companies is that the battery used by Tesla is not a traditional square battery, but a small battery. Why doesn't Tesla use big batteries?
1. Low cost of small battery
The battery used by Tesla is Panasonic's 18650 battery. Its shape is similar to that of a normal No. 5 battery. It has a small size but good performance. The reason why Tesla uses thousands of small batteries is that its cost is low, and the use of small batteries does not need to be customized, which can fully meet Tesla's production and process. Moreover, the electric density of Panasonic 18650 battery is very large, under the same volume, it can store more power and make the car last longer.
2. Tesla's technology is limited
In fact, Tesla is not very advanced in battery technology, and Geely is not focused on battery research and development, so Tesla can only use finished products. But Tesla ’s choice is not wrong, because Tesla ’s strong point is in electric control technology. Even if thousands of small batteries are used, they can be connected in series through technical means, and sufficient safety can be guaranteed. Therefore, Tesla chooses a small battery, in fact, to avoid weaknesses.
3. Higher space utilization
Tesla also has the advantage of using Panasonic small batteries, that is, do not have to worry about the proportion of cars. The new energy battery will occupy a lot of space in the car, the square battery occupies a relatively large space, and there are not many places that can be placed. While Tesla uses thousands of small batteries, although it seems to be a huge number, but after being connected in series, a "tablet" can give designers more room to play.
To put it simply, Tesla's use of small batteries not only improves its strengths and avoids its shortcomings, but also fully meets Tesla's needs. If it is replaced by a square battery, Tesla's appearance may have to change.

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