Why do you have to charge the electric car battery when it is first used?


I don't know if you have such a habit. After you buy so […]

I don't know if you have such a habit. After you buy something with electricity, you will discharge it before using it, and then charge it for 12 hours. This is because many people think that charging it after charging it can be charged. More electricity, the electric capacity will also become larger, but in the process of using the electric vehicle battery, on the contrary, it needs to be charged and discharged first. Then, why should the electric vehicle battery be charged and discharged first when it is used for the first time?
From the production to the factory, to the use of the battery, this process takes about one to two months. During this time, the manufacturer will fully charge the battery and then place it. During the placement process, the battery will discharge itself and consume the part. The energy, the longer it is placed, the lower the final charge, until the end of the formation of virtual power, that is, it seems to have electricity, but in fact there is no electricity.
In this case, there are two situations inevitable. One is that many consumers think that the capacity is not large, and there is no use for a while, and the other is excessive discharge, which causes damage to the battery of the electric vehicle.
Xu Pai battery manufacturers pointed out that the current life of ordinary batteries is one to one and a half years, the quality of the Asahi battery is better, can be used for two and a half to three years, if the maintenance is good or even longer, but the premise is maintenance it is good. Over-discharging is one of the reasons for violating its premise. Excessive discharge will cause the active material on the electrode plate to fail to complete chemical conversion, eventually forming some dead matter, and as these unusable things become more and more, the capacitance will become less and less, and the endurance will be more and more. low.
Therefore, even if the Asahi battery that is 20% more battery-efficient than the ordinary battery does not dare to cause the user to be damaged casually, it will not have much long service life.
The electric vehicle battery is charged at the beginning of use, in addition to the above reasons, because there are several advantages:
First, good maintenance, easier to extend life
Any family or individual who buys an electric car hopes that the electric car will last for a long time, but because of various factors, the battery life will be shortened. For this, the Asahi battery is recommended to be better maintained, which will not only extend the life, but also Can save money.
Second, good endurance
Good electric vehicle battery life is good, can bring great convenience to users, especially some high-quality electric vehicle batteries, battery life is usually very high, also very good, more convenient to use. Imagine an electric car battery that can easily carry you to a farther place. A battery that can only be used in a relatively close place. Which one do you prefer? Needless to say, it must be the former.
Nowadays, there are many electric car batteries on the market. Different brands of batteries have different advantages. No matter which one, they hope to be the best, and they are the same in some aspects, such as charging new batteries before use. , all brands are common.

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