Why are alkaline batteries more durable?


Alkaline batteries are also called alkaline zinc-mangan […]

Alkaline batteries are also called alkaline zinc-manganese dry batteries. Compared with ordinary dry batteries (carbon batteries), they have the advantages of durability, large current capacity, long storage life, and the outer casing is not easy to corrode. Alkaline batteries use the opposite electrode structure of ordinary batteries in structure, which increases the relative area between the positive and negative electrodes, and replaces ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solutions with high-conductivity potassium hydroxide solution. The negative electrode zinc is also The change from flakes to granular shapes increases the reaction area of ​​the negative electrode. In addition, high-performance electrolytic manganese powder is used, so the electrical performance has been greatly improved. Alkaline batteries of the same type have the capacity and discharge time of ordinary batteries. 3 to 7 times.

In addition, when the alkaline battery is discharged, no gas is generated inside, while some gas is generated when the ordinary dry battery is discharged, so the voltage of the alkaline battery is relatively stable. Alkaline batteries have fewer fillers that do not participate in chemical reactions, so they can be made smaller. In this way, alkaline batteries with the same volume are more durable than ordinary dry batteries.
Alkaline batteries are suitable for high-current continuous discharge and power-using occasions that require higher working voltages, especially for electric toys, cameras, flashlights, shavers, high-power remote controls, etc.