What kind of garbage is used dry batteries?


What kind of garbage is used dry batteries? 90% of peop […]

What kind of garbage is used dry batteries? 90% of people will answer that it is harmful garbage, because my parents told us that used batteries are toxic, and with the increase of learning knowledge, we know that used dry batteries are not toxic and will pollute the environment, but the first garbage classification in Shanghai After being put in, the used dry batteries are required to be put in dry garbage. What has actually happened?
Dry batteries are batteries such as No. 5 and No. 7 in our lives, and are still widely used in electronic devices such as watches, remote controls, and infinite mice. Waste traditional dry batteries have serious environmental pollution. One battery can pollute tens of cubic meters of water. At the same time, the waste traditional dry batteries contain toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, lead, zinc and other heavy metals in the waste batteries, which are harmful to human health.
However, in 2003, the State issued the "Technical Policy on the Prevention and Control of Waste Battery Pollution", which stipulated that the production of alkaline zinc-manganese batteries with mercury content greater than 0.0001% shall be stopped from 2005. With the development of science and technology and the progress of technology, dry batteries no longer contain heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

So today's used dry batteries are not harmful garbage, but dry garbage.
Used dry batteries are dry garbage. What about other batteries? Such as mobile phone batteries, what kind of garbage is the button batteries in watches?
I learned from the Shanghai Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Query that when searching for batteries, the 18 results found with the words battery indicate that all batteries except the alkaline mercury-free batteries and mercury-free alkaline batteries are hazardous waste.
Of the batteries classified as hazardous waste, the most common ones we are exposed to in our daily life are old mobile phone batteries, but on the mobile phone batteries we found that there are two signs prohibiting the dumping of trash and recyclables. In the era when mobile phone batteries are detachable, we usually prepare a battery for unexpected needs. Not only do we have used mobile phones in our homes, but also have one or two such used spare mobile phone batteries. Will it be classified as harmful garbage? If it is recyclable, who will collect it?