What is the impact of nickel mesh density on the battery?


The main function of foamed nickel is to conduct electr […]

The main function of foamed nickel is to conduct electricity and absorb chemical raw materials, so the surface density of foamed nickel has a certain influence on the production of batteries.

A: The higher the surface density of the foamed nickel, the denser the pore size, so the better the electrical conductivity of the battery.

B: Due to the high density of foamed nickel, the filling amount of chemical raw materials is reduced, making the battery capacity unable to meet the process design requirements.

C: Because the density of foamed nickel is too high, the more burrs will be generated during the slicing or operation of the pole piece, which will also easily cause the battery to short-circuit during the winding process.

Therefore, we must strictly follow the process requirements when using foamed nickel.