What is the difference between alkaline batteries and ordinary dry batteries?


        1. Different logos: Take cylindrical battery as […]

        1. Different logos: Take cylindrical battery as an example. The category identification of alkaline battery is LR, such as "LR6" for AA alkaline batteries, and "LR03" for AA alkaline batteries; ordinary dry batteries are identified as R, such as "R6P" for high-power AA batteries , "R03C" is a high-capacity AAA battery. In addition, there is a unique "ALKALINE" content in the alkaline battery logo.
  2. The difference in shape: Alkaline batteries can touch the annular groove at the end close to the negative electrode. The cylindrical surface of ordinary dry batteries generally does not have any grooves. This is due to the different sealing methods of the two.
  3. There is a difference in weight: The alkaline battery of the same type of battery is much heavier than the ordinary dry battery. For example, the weight of AA alkaline batteries is about 24 grams, and the weight of AA ordinary dry batteries is about 18 grams.
  4, R stands for round shape, when there is no letter in front, it means normal battery. The L on the front indicates that it is an alkaline battery. The two digits after R indicate the size and model of the battery. For example, 03 represents the 7th battery, and the last letter indicates the performance of the battery, S-normal type, P-high power type, C-high capacity type. Some ordinary batteries are marked with S, and some do not.