Uncover the mystery of a 10% instant power loss on a smartphone


Get up early in the morning to start your work day. You […]

Get up early in the morning to start your work day. You unplug the fully charged Android phone from the charger and press the sync email button lightly. When you lazily take a shower and then check the received email, you suddenly notice that the battery power of the phone has instantly changed back to 90%-right? 10% of the power is consumed in less than 10 minutes. This battery is too weak? !!
Yes, today's smartphone users generally complain that the battery is too weak compared to previous phones, and the fact is true-if you accidentally left your S40 phone at home during a business trip a few years ago, come back to your phone after a week Still running stubbornly. In contrast to the latest smartphones, it is difficult to see instances where the standby time exceeds two days.
Why is there such a big gap? Because the earliest mobile phones usually can only make calls, today's mobile phones have many functions such as sending and receiving emails, browsing the web, GPS navigation, browsing pictures, and watching videos; the early mobile phone screens were only small black and white screens of 128x128. Today's mobile phones However, it can be equipped with a 4.3-inch large color screen-the ultimate cost of all these changes is the geometrically rising power consumption.
Interestingly, the improvement of battery charging technology has also increased users' misunderstanding of the battery: early mobile phones had obvious defects in the design of charging protection-when the battery power is saturated, it will only reduce the input power and always maintain the battery. At maximum charge. In the short term, this approach does allow the battery to reach its maximum value, but maintaining it in this state for a long time will cause damage to the battery. The authoritative battery website Battery University explained this: "The time that the battery is kept at the maximum charge state should be as short as possible, otherwise the voltage output by the power supply will accelerate the corrosion of the battery, this effect is particularly obvious in the case of higher temperatures ".
The reason why many mobile phones ’battery power drops by 10% in a short time after the charger is unplugged is that the current battery charging protection function will take effect once the battery reaches 100%-this function will immediately cut off the influx from the charger And the battery ’s power is automatically consumed slowly until the battery power drops to about 90% before the charging process is resumed. Most of the time when you unplug the charger, the battery power is probably about 90%, so it seems understandable that the battery power drops 10% quickly. Because of this, charging the phone all night doesn't really mean much-it just makes your battery continuously go through the cycle of charging and discharging.