The development direction of lead-acid battery industry in China


 (1) Encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronge […]

 (1) Encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger and improve industrial concentration
 Enhance the industrial agglomeration effect, actively respond to various market risks, reduce waste through effective integration of equipment, talents and technology, form a series of structurally optimized products, increase environmental protection investment, effectively solve pollution problems in production processes, and further improve key enterprises. Comprehensive strength to achieve scale and group development.
 (II) Lead-acid batteries show an increasing trend
 Seize the market and continue to expand the scale of the lead-acid battery industry, and strive to produce about 131.7 million KVAH in 2010 and sales revenue of 66 billion yuan.
 (III) Development focus of lead-acid batteries
 Although lead-acid battery technology is constantly improving, its specific power, cycle life and other issues are still the focus of industry research. Therefore, strengthening research and development, striving to improve scientific research level and enhance competitiveness are the only way for industrial development. Through the bridge and bond role of the association, we will vigorously create a platform for communication and communication for enterprises, and form joint research and development with upstream lead and separator industries, downstream such as vehicles and electromechanical equipment, and collectively join foreign ALABC alliances or form similar alliances for joint research and development. Enhance the research and development capabilities of the industry.
 (4) Accelerate product structure adjustment and standardize recycling and recycling market
 Increase the proportion of new products, develop harmless and resource-saving products, focus on the development of sealed maintenance-free lead storage batteries, and gradually phase out open cells. Accelerate the technical transformation of lead-acid battery enterprises, adopt advanced process equipment, effectively control the environmental pollution problems in the production process, and achieve clean production. Encourage research and development of colloidal lead storage batteries, coiled lead storage batteries and new types of batteries such as bipolar, and increase specific power and lead utilization. Standardize the lead-acid battery recycling and recycling market, reduce the environmental pollution of waste lead-acid batteries, and develop towards harmless and resource-saving.
 (5) Expanding and standardizing the export market and avoiding trade frictions
 Carefully study the needs of the international market, make appropriate adjustments to the structure of export products, reduce the export of price-competitive products, and develop new application areas and markets. To occupy market share at a low price will only cause a fatal blow to the export of lead-acid batteries in China. At the same time, it may suffer from foreign anti-dumping lawsuits, resulting in high anti-dumping duties on products and the loss of the right to self-improve prices. Therefore, we should give play to the coordination role of the association in regulating foreign trade order and industrial development, protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, establish a standardized competition order, and prevent unfair low-price export behavior. At the same time, study the relevant policies of the target market countries and consider establishing a manufacturing base overseas.

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