The name and principle of alkaline dry battery


Alkaline dry batteries, also known as alkaline batterie […]

Alkaline dry batteries, also known as alkaline batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, and alkaline manganese batteries, are among the best in the zinc-manganese battery series. Suitable for large discharges and long-term use. Mainly used for: remote control, radio, digital camera, clocks, flashlights, electric toys, mouse, alarm, electric toothbrush, medical consumer electronics and other large current discharge. Alkaline dry batteries have lower internal resistance and generate more current than ordinary manganese batteries, while environmentally friendly mercury contains only 0.025% and does not need to be recycled. The alkaline dry battery uses manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, zinc as the negative electrode, and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. Alkaline dry batteries are the most successful high-capacity dry batteries and are one of the most cost-effective batteries available today.
What you need to pay attention to when using alkaline dry batteries:
1. Since this alkaline dry battery is not rechargeable at one time, forcible charging may cause leakage or damage to the equipment.
2. The "+,-" of the battery should be correctly installed in the direction specified by the equipment.
3. Do not short circuit, heat, burn and disassemble the battery
4, battery operating temperature: -10 ° C - +60 ° C; storage temperature: -10 ° C - + 45 ° C
5, to avoid battery storage in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity environment, so as not to affect the normal use of the battery.

alkaline dry battery