The motherboard is updated so quickly, and the battery is the only component that will not be eliminated!


The computer motherboard has been developed for so many […]

The computer motherboard has been developed for so many years, we have seen that the AGP interface is replaced by the PCIE interface, and we have seen the replacement of the USB interface and the memory slot. However, no matter how other interfaces and slots are changed, the button battery on the motherboard has not changed. The reason is that Because the motherboard's bios information and system time need to be stored with a certain amount of battery. If the computer is turned off and the computer is out of power, the computer's time and cmos will be reset after each restart, which is actually detrimental to the computer's experience. .
Many people think that the button battery should have been eliminated long ago. It is enough to use a memory chip to store bios and other information. However, because it is impossible to keep the computer on without shutting down, the home computer has a button battery to temporarily store energy when it is turned off. The parts are still very useful, but the cancellation will bring a lot of inconvenience to the use of the computer, and the space occupied by such a battery is very small and the cost is low. There is no need for motherboard manufacturers to cancel this battery, including the motherboard of the laptop. There will also be such a button battery on the board.
However, the button battery on the motherboard is not necessarily very long-lived, which is related to the brand and quality of the battery used. Usually the battery life of the computer motherboard is 4-5 years. After the computer is used for four or five years, the rate of battery aging will accelerate. For example, the system time is often inaccurate, and the motherboard bios settings are invalid. The solution is also very simple. Just buy the corresponding button battery directly from the Internet, and the price is quite cheap. Generally, you can buy a dozen for more than 10 yuan.

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