The key to solving environmental problems is to fully implement the battery recycling policy


 China is actively promoting circular economy, 90% of u […]

 China is actively promoting circular economy, 90% of used batteries can be recycled, but China's industrial policy does not have a good space for recycling used batteries, making it a bottleneck that has long plagued China's battery development. China does not have a statutory norm for the recycling management of used lead-acid batteries. A professional waste lead-acid battery recycling company has not been established in the country. No professional recycling lead enterprise or battery enterprise has established a national recycling network and a regional recycling network. The work is in a disorderly state of decentralized operation, and the recovery rate of the waste lead-acid battery is not high. The problem of lead recycling appears in non-standard enterprises. It is imperative to rectify and strengthen management. The relevant state departments should issue policies as soon as possible, such as banning small coal kiln and small smelting, and ban small waste lead recycling enterprises. At the same time, the policy is introduced to encourage and support large battery manufacturers to recycle used batteries. There are mainly factors restricting the development of China's recycled lead industry: First, the cost of environmental protection equipment is heavy. The enterprise's technologically advanced, environmentally-friendly and well-equipped enterprises are not able to withstand the “small lead” of towns and villages with backward technology and serious pollution. Second, there is not enough supervision. Recycling lead production is also carried out without a business license, and the rectification and rectification of the standard is not a cure. The once-closed "small smelting lead" has been revived. Third, industrial policies are not conducive to the development of formal enterprises. Excessive taxes also weaken the ability of large-scale recycled lead companies to increase environmental protection.