The harm of waste batteries to the human body


When the environmental issues are boiling around you, y […]

When the environmental issues are boiling around you, you still don't know what you can do for the earth? When the energy crisis sweeps across the globe and impacts the entire environment, you still don't know what to do for yourself? There is only one earth, as a part of the earth, as long as you are willing to take a small step, the earth will take a big step...
In the vast universe, there is a beautiful blue planet, she is our home - the earth. This blue planet provides us with plenty of sunshine, sweet rain, galloping rivers, vast seas and a wealth of resources. Life on earth inhabits and proliferates under her moisture, and it is endless.
However, do you know? The earth is experiencing a huge crisis when we build homes and build a home for thousands of years. The earth is burning! In the past hundred years, the average temperature of the earth has risen by one degree; the glaciers have melted and the sea has risen, and I don’t know which day we will be in the ocean. The flood washed away the homeland, and the hurricane swept the city. Is it a natural disaster or a man-made disaster? The dry land is screaming at the rain, is the last drop of water really our tears? How long can our coal, oil and natural gas last? Are there resources available to our descendants? What are we waiting for in the face of various crises?
Maybe we can't go deep into the field of environmental science research. Maybe we can't make a core statement about global warming, but let us start from the things around us! Save a drop of water, save a little electricity, a variety of trees, reduce a forest, resist harmful products, support green products, let our green footprints spread all over the planet, save our big planet with our little action! The world will also become better because of our efforts... the harm of used batteries
According to relevant information, a battery of No. 1 is rotten in the ground, which can permanently lose the value of 1 square meter of soil; a button cell can pollute 600 tons of water, which is equivalent to the amount of water a person has in his lifetime. Among the substances that pose the greatest threat to the natural environment, the battery contains mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. If the used batteries are mixed into domestic waste and landfilled, or discarded, the oozing mercury and heavy metals will It penetrates into the soil, pollutes the groundwater, and then enters fish and crops, destroying the living environment of human beings and indirectly threatening human health.

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