The battery also needs to be "green"?


Since 2011, the State Council has formulated the "Regul […]

Since 2011, the State Council has formulated the "Regulations on the Management of the Recycling and Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products". It clearly stipulates that electronic waste disposal companies must obtain the qualification approval of the environmental protection department. At the same time, it will realize channel recycling and centralized recycling of dry batteries and lithium batteries. Etc., with the promulgation and implementation of the regulations, the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products will gradually be included in the country's formal management.
The current scrapped mobile phones and batteries contain lead, nickel, zinc, and other harmful substances. If they are not properly sourced, they will cause irreversible environmental pollution, especially if the mobile phone batteries are discarded without special treatment. It is extremely harmful to the human body and the environment. The pollution of one old cell phone battery is equivalent to 100 ordinary dry batteries, which can seriously pollute about 60,000 liters of water. The pollution capacity of 1,000 old cell phone batteries is equivalent to that of a small paper mill. If the used batteries are discarded without treatment, they will directly pollute the soil and water resources. The pollutants enter the human body through the food and endanger the health.
Whether it is any discarded electronic products, they use a lot of available resources and contain various rare and precious metal plastic materials, which have reusable value. Therefore, they need to be recycled and disposed of properly. According to the regulations of the State Council, they must be strictly implemented to create a beautiful home together.