Spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles, safe use of batteries is critical


The spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles is not […]

The spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles is not uncommon nowadays. Why do such dangerous accidents happen from time to time? Product quality is important, and owner use is also critical.
Because the electric vehicle's power comes from the battery, the internal circuit of the electric vehicle is numerous and complicated. If it is used improperly and lacks maintenance, the internal circuit wires are prone to aging problems. During the use of the electric vehicle, the circuit is short-circuited due to heat generation, causing the electric vehicle Spontaneous combustion.
How to avoid such dangerous accidents?
First of all, when choosing an electric car, you should choose a brand with a good product reputation, and pay attention to quality first. The quality of electric car batteries from good manufacturers is relatively reliable. Be aware that many electric vehicle accidents stem from battery problems.
Secondly, during use, pay attention to charge the battery according to the nameplate instructions. Electric vehicles are also liable to catch fire during the charging process. Problems such as excessive power supply voltage, excessive current, or mismatched chargers may cause dangerous accidents of battery explosion.
At the same time, during use, attention should be paid to the maintenance of circuit lines to prevent accidents such as short circuits and spontaneous combustion caused by aging of the wires.
Common sense of battery use: 1. Pay attention to product quality when purchasing, choose qualified products produced by regular manufacturers; 2. Read the nameplate before use, strictly follow the instructions on the nameplate, and choose a matching or matching charger. Safe charging under current; 3. Try to avoid overcharging or insufficient charging. After the battery is charged, it can be used to extend the battery life and reduce the occurrence of unsafe accidents.