Regarding the problems and suggestions in the recycling process of used batteries?


①Batteries cannot be disposed of after being recycled, […]

①Batteries cannot be disposed of after being recycled, and are generally stacked. During the stacking process, batteries may leak or toxic substances may spread. To
②Due to the wide variety of alkaline battery and many counterfeit products, it also brings difficulties to battery recycling. Some batteries contain mercury, some contain cadmium, some use ammonium chloride as electrolyte, and some use chlorination. Zinc is an electrolyte, so it is recommended that manufacturers use a unified standard to identify the type of battery and the main components contained in it for recycling. To
③Strengthen the development of high-performance environmentally friendly batteries, and realize mercury-free ordinary civilian batteries. To
④ The state should provide policy support for the recycling and processing of waste batteries.