Recharge after running out, the battery life of electric vehicles is short


The newly purchased electric car has just been riding f […]

The newly purchased electric car has just been riding for a year, and the battery has started to call. After running fully, it runs out and runs out of power. Sometimes, it can be fully charged even after a short charging time. This makes Mr. Zhao in Zichuan very depressed. I had to replace my battery with a new set of batteries.
According to the professional technicians of Zichuan Electric Vehicle Sales Market, in order to make the life of electric vehicles longer, it is necessary to work hard on the details of daily use, try to recharge after every day of use, even if it can be used for 2 to 3 days after a single charge, However, it is still recommended that qualified citizens charge every day, so that the battery of the electric vehicle can be in a shallow cycle, and the life of the battery will be prolonged. At the same time, pay attention to regular deep discharge. Regular deep discharge of the battery is also conducive to "activating" the battery, which can be slightly Increase the capacity of the battery.
Professional and technical personnel pointed out that citizens should better develop some good habits of saving electricity when riding bicycles. When going downhill, make use of early power-off taxiing to slow down as much as possible, and enter taxiing when you are about to encounter a traffic light to minimize braking.
Precautions for electric vehicle maintenance
1. Charge frequently. Lead-acid batteries should maintain the habit of being used and recharged, and cannot wait for the battery to run out and recharge. If not used for a long time, charge once a month. For charging, please use the matching special charger.
2. More maintenance. In case of rain and water accumulation, the center of the wheel hub cannot be flooded; close the electric door in time to get off the vehicle, and usually make the tires full of gas; in case of failure, send it to the special maintenance department designated by the manufacturer for repair.
3. Frequent lubrication. Depending on the usage, the parts such as the front axle, rear axle, center axle, flywheel, front fork, and suspension pivot of the shock absorber should be scrubbed and lubricated every six months to one year (molybdenum disulfide grease is recommended). The transmission parts in the electric hub have been coated with special lubricants, so users don't have to scrub and lubricate themselves.
4. When the battery is charging in the car, close the electric door lock, do not charge the battery upside down, try to charge it once. If you smell an odor or the battery temperature is too high during the charging process, you should stop charging immediately and send it to the Luqing Technical Department for repair. When removing the battery for charging, do not touch the two ends of the electrode with wet hands or keys to avoid burns.