• The difference between alkaline batteries and carbon batteries

    First, carbon batteries and alkaline batteries are both dry batteries, but they are divided into two categories according to different materials. Second, the full name of a carbon battery should be a carbon-zinc battery (because it is generally a car... More

    2021-07-30 News
  • Alkaline battery structure analysis

    Alkaline batteries are named after their alkaline electrolyte. Like all dry batteries, the structure of alkaline batteries is mainly composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, and electrolyte. The more common shape of alkaline batteries is c... More

    2021-07-23 News
  • What are the models and classifications of AA batteries?

    1. Model (1) The SC model is not common. It is usually the battery cell in the battery pack. It can be seen on power tools, cameras and imported equipment. The standard SC (flat head) battery has a height of 42.0±0.5mm and a diameter of 22.1±0.2mm. (... More

    2021-07-16 News
  • Related knowledge about batteries

    1. What is the working voltage? Also known as terminal voltage, it refers to the potential difference between the positive and negative poles of the battery when the battery is in working state, that is, when there is overcurrent in the circuit. In t... More

    2021-07-09 News
  • The difference between alkaline batteries and carbon batteries:

    1. Alkaline batteries are 4-7 times the capacity of carbon batteries, and the price is 1.5-2 times that of carbon batteries. 2. Carbon batteries are suitable for low-current electrical appliances, such as quartz clocks, remote controls, etc.; alkalin... More

    2021-07-01 News