• How to charge and discharge the rechargeable battery correctly?

    It is more important to charge a newly purchased rechargeable battery for the first time. Usually the rechargeable battery will be set to the zero-charge no-load state when leaving the factory, so the new rechargeable battery needs to be charged befo... More

    2021-10-15 News
  • Selection of zinc alloy powder for low mercury in alkaline batteries

    Today, people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase. Commonly used alkaline batteries have achieved low mercury or even mercury-free. Among them, the choice of alloy gold powder is the main improvement measure for alkaline bat... More

    2021-10-09 News
  • What are the precautions for using the battery?

    We all know that batteries are used in many electrical appliances, but there are also some aspects of the battery that need our attention. Correct use of batteries can better protect our electrical appliances. Specifically, the following aspects need... More

    2021-09-30 News
  • Battery type and characteristics

    Distinguish by material:   ■Carbon zinc battery Also known as zinc-manganese battery, it is the most common dry battery at present. It has the characteristics of low price and safe and reliable use. Based on the consideration of environmental protect... More

    2021-09-26 News
  • What is the difference between lithium iron batteries and alkaline batteries and carbon batteries?

    1. Carbon battery Carbon battery, the scientific name is zinc-manganese dry battery (zinc-manganese dry battery), the simplest method of identification: the model on the battery skin is R6+ suffix (No. 5)/R03+ suffix (No. 7), that's it For batteries,... More

    2021-09-17 News