• Detailed explanation of alkaline battery structure

    Alkaline batteries have the advantages of high specific energy and volume energy density, long storage life, large current discharge, etc., and these advantages are inseparable from the internal structure of alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are... More

    2022-02-09 News
  • Process and Control of Mercury-Free Alkaline Battery

    With the increasing depletion of renewable energy, the green call for environmental protection and energy saving has been responded to by practical actions. As a major country in battery production and consumption, my country has basically achieved m... More

    2022-01-27 News
  • The performance requirements of alkaline zinc-manganese batteries are improved

    In recent years, with the improvement of the functions of high-tech products such as digital cameras, at the same time, higher requirements have been placed on the performance of alkaline batteries. Among them, the requirements for battery capacity, ... More

    2022-01-21 News
  • How to test dry batteries?

    The voltage of the dry battery is 1.5V, therefore, you can choose to test the performance of the dry battery with two discharge methods: 0.2C (ie 0.3A) small current discharge or 0.5C (about 0.8A) high current discharge. From a practical point of vie... More

    2022-01-14 News
  • What is the impact of nickel mesh density on the battery?

    The main function of foamed nickel is to conduct electricity and absorb chemical raw materials, so the surface density of foamed nickel has a certain influence on the production of batteries. A: The higher the surface density of the foamed nickel, th... More

    2022-01-07 News