• How much do you know about AAA/AM4 battery?

    AAA/AM4 battery is a dry battery standard in the United States, compatible with the AAA battery standard in Mainland China or the AAA battery standard in Taiwan Province of China. The battery has a cylindrical shape with a height of 43.6 mm and a dia... More

    2021-02-01 News
  • The potential market for dry batteries continues to expand?

     My country is a big country in the production and consumption of alkaline dry batteries. Because of their small size, convenient use, high energy conversion rate, stable and reliable energy supply, dry batteries can work in various environments and ... More

    2021-01-25 News
  • The potential market for dry batteries continues to expand?

    Dry battery is currently the most widely used battery product that has the most contact with ordinary people. my country is a major producer and consumer of dry batteries. Dry batteries are small in size, convenient to use, high in energy conversion ... More

    2021-01-18 News
  • Let the alkaline batteries be used to the best?

    In the process of using alkaline batteries, when the "red light" is on, many people think that they are exhausted and throw them into the trash can. In fact, the lighting of the "red light" does not mean that the battery is exhausted, but that the ba... More

    2021-01-11 News
  • About alkaline dry batteries?

    Alkaline dry battery is a kind of long-life disposable battery, which is improved on the basis of common zinc manganese acid battery. Also known as alkaline manganese dry battery. The shape and size are the same as ordinary manganese batteries. Becau... More

    2021-01-04 News