• What is the difference between a carbon battery and an alkaline battery?

    First, carbon batteries and alkaline batteries are dry batteries, but in two categories according to the different materials. Second, the full name of the carbon battery should be a carbon-zinc battery (because it is generally a carbon rod, the anode... More

    2019-03-01 News
  • Lithium Battery

    A "lithium battery" is a type of battery using a lithium metal or a lithium alloy as a negative electrode material and using a nonaqueous electrolyte solution. Lithium metal batteries were first proposed and studied by Gilbert N. Lewis in 1912. In th... More

    2019-02-23 News
  • Battery

    Battery refers to a space in a cup, tank or other container or composite container containing an electrolyte solution and a metal electrode to generate electrical current, a device capable of converting chemical energy into electrical energy. It has ... More

    2019-02-15 News
  • When you play the phone while charging, the battery will be damaged? Don't tease, the battery is not as fragile as you think.

    In the era of the popularity of smart phones, when we play mobile phones, more or less, there will be insufficient power and play while playing. Many people say that playing while charging will cause some damage to mobile phones and some electronic c... More

    2018-11-30 Industry News
  • How to check and accept lithium battery UPS and UPS battery?

    How to check and accept the lithium battery UPS and UPS battery? What are the common detection methods for UPS battery and lithium battery UPS? When you buy the UPS power battery, you need to check the inspection. This requires professional personnel... More

    2018-11-30 Industry News