• How to distinguish between alkaline batteries and carbon batteries?

    When buying a battery, I am often asked what size battery do you want. This can be judged by the appearance of the battery, but when asked whether you want an alkaline battery or a carbon battery, many people do not have these two types of batteries ... More

    2020-09-02 News
  • What are the characteristics of alkaline batteries?

    capacity The capacity of alkaline dry battery is higher than that of carbon batteries. The reason is that the manganese dioxide used as the cathode has higher purity and density, and the internal parts (such as electrodes) are smaller in volume, whic... More

    2020-08-20 News
  • What is the latest technology of alkaline batteries?

    Rechargeable alkaline zinc-manganese battery (rechargeablealkaline zinc-manganese battery) An improved alkaline zinc-manganese battery that can be used repeatedly by charging, referred to as RAM. The structure and manufacturing process of this kind o... More

    2020-08-14 News
  • How much do you know about alkaline batteries?

    Alkaline batteries are successful high-capacity dry batteries, and they are also one of the batteries with a cost-performance ratio. Alkaline batteries use manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, zinc as the negative electrode, and potassium hyd... More

    2020-08-08 News
  • Is it possible to recharge and use disposable batteries?

    In theory, dry batteries cannot be charged. Since the introduction of alkaline batteries, I have started to research and experiment on its rechargeability, and finally came to the conclusion that the recharging and recycling of alkaline dry batteries... More

    2020-07-28 News