• How to buy mobile power bank, which is the best for mobile phone charger? (2)

    4, the advantages of mobile power. The mobile power uses a polymer lithium-ion battery produced by ATL, a subsidiary of Japan's TDK. ATL Company, a global leader in the polymer lithium ion battery industry, provides original batteries for many intern... More

    2020-03-06 News
  • How to choose a mobile power bank, which one is better for a mobile phone?(1)

    For smart phone users who did not know about mobile power at first, let you become a master of purchasing mobile power. Steps / methods 1. What is a mobile power supply? What is a mobile electronic device? Mobile power, built-in high-capacity polymer... More

    2020-02-28 News
  • Common Causes and Solutions of Lithium Ion (2)

    Fourth, the battery loses power after spot welding After spot welding, the voltage of the aluminum shell cell is lower than 3.7V. Generally, the over-current of the spot welding causes the internal diaphragm of the cell to break down and short-circui... More

    2020-02-22 News
  • Common Causes and Solutions of Lithium Ion (1)

    With the rapid development of science and technology, the use range and role of lithium batteries have long been self-evident, but lithium battery accidents are constantly emerging in our daily lives, which constantly plagues us. In view of this, Xia... More

    2020-02-14 News
  • Maintenance tricks

    The maintenance of the mobile phone battery should start from the first charge. The first charge has a great impact on the service life of the battery. Generally, the first charge time is 16 hours (if the battery is fully charged, it should be used u... More

    2020-02-10 News