• How much do you know about alkaline batteries?

    Alkaline batteries are successful high-capacity dry batteries, and they are also one of the batteries with a cost-performance ratio. Alkaline batteries use manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, zinc as the negative electrode, and potassium hyd... More

    2020-08-08 News
  • Is it possible to recharge and use disposable batteries?

    In theory, dry batteries cannot be charged. Since the introduction of alkaline batteries, I have started to research and experiment on its rechargeability, and finally came to the conclusion that the recharging and recycling of alkaline dry batteries... More

    2020-07-28 News
  • Are dry batteries environmentally friendly?

    Are alkaline batteries more environmentally friendly? Because Lei Jun introduced the "alkaline environmental protection battery, mercury-free and cadmium-free" to the rainbow battery produced by Zimi. Then let's come to the science of this question. ... More

    2020-07-21 News
  • Why should the battery be inspected and maintained regularly?

    During the operation of the vehicle, it is particularly difficult to maintain a reliable charge-discharge balance of the vehicle electrical system due to the increased power of the engine when the low-temperature cold vehicle starts and the complicat... More

    2020-07-14 News
  • Why not recycle alkaline dry batteries? What kind of batteries need to be recycled?

    First of all, we must resolutely recycle the fake batteries produced by the small workshop. In addition, for example, lead-acid batteries, which contain heavy metal lead, may increase the blood lead concentration of the human body and affect the huma... More

    2020-07-07 News