• What is the difference between the different types of battery capacity?

    The capacity of alkaline batteries is generally 5 to 7 times that of zinc-manganese batteries; Compared with alkaline batteries, lithium batteries have similar capacities. But if calculated by volume, the capacity of lithium battery is larger than th... More

    2022-04-01 News
  • How to properly use rechargeable batteries?

    The first charge of a newly purchased rechargeable battery is critical. Generally, professional rechargeable batteries are always set to zero power and no-load state when they leave the factory. Therefore, new rechargeable batteries must be charged b... More

    2022-03-24 News
  • What are the reasons for the problems in the use of alkaline batteries?

    During the use of alkaline batteries, some "uncommon" problems will be exposed, such as increased voltage, negative voltage, poor contact, and rusted contact ends. The following Rising Sun Power will take you to understand the reasons for these probl... More

    2022-03-17 News
  • How to prevent dry battery leakage?

    During the use of dry batteries, liquid leakage occurs from time to time. Any type of dry battery will have a certain leakage phenomenon, including ordinary zinc-manganese batteries and alkaline batteries, among which the over-discharge of the batter... More

    2022-03-09 News
  • What are the maintenance methods for NiMH batteries?

    1. The nickel-hydrogen battery must be fully discharged (charged on an empty stomach) after it has just been purchased. It generally takes about 3 to 5 times to measure whether the battery capacity of the nickel-hydrogen battery is normal. fully acti... More

    2022-03-02 News