• How to store the battery?

      Generally, there is self-discharge inside the battery, commonly known as "power running". The storage time and storage environment of the battery, especially the temperature, have a greater impact on it. Generally, the longer the storage time,... More

    2021-05-17 News
  • Explain the basic knowledge of alkaline batteries?

      Alkaline batteries are also known as alkaline dry batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, alkaline-manganese batteries, and are the best-performing varieties in the zinc-manganese battery series. Suitable for large discharge capacity and long... More

    2021-05-10 News
  • When choosing a battery, how to balance the performance and price of the battery?

        To choose the right battery, you must first understand the power requirements of electronic equipment before you can make a shrewd decision. Generally speaking, devices with higher power requirements must operate at high currents.    Ni-MH b... More

    2021-05-06 News
  • What types of batteries are on the market?

             Batteries sold on the market can usually be divided into two types: disposable batteries and Rechargeable Alkaline batteries.    Disposable batteries are commonly known as "disposable" batteries, because they can no longer be recharged after... More

    2021-04-25 News
  • What are the precautions about the battery?

    Electrolyte leakage: long-term alkaline batteries will leak electrolyte. Since the electrolyte is a corrosive alkaline substance, potassium hydroxide, it will have an irritating effect on the eyes, respiratory tract and skin; the electrolyte will als... More

    2021-04-19 News