• What effect does the heavy or light pole piece attached material have on the battery?

    1. The main components of the battery are: positive electrode sheet, negative electrode sheet, cap, steel shell, electrolyte, sealing ring and diaphragm paper. 2. The core component of the battery is composed of positive electrode sheet and negative ... More

    2021-12-30 News
  • How to use Ni-MH battery?

    1. Under normal circumstances, new nickel-metal hydride batteries only contain a small amount of electricity, and you must charge them before using them after purchase. However, if the battery leaves the factory for a short time and has sufficient po... More

    2021-12-24 News
  • What is the difference between a lithium battery and a nickel-metal hydride battery?

    Nickel-hydrogen battery and nickel-cadmium battery and the difference: Both nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries have a working voltage of 1.2V. However, the specific energy of Ni-MH is higher than that of Ni-Cd batteries. Acco... More

    2021-12-17 News
  • How to extend the life of rechargeable batteries to avoid accidents?

    In outdoor travel, equipment such as cameras, mobile phones, GPS and flashlights are indispensable. Power supply and batteries have of course become a problem that cannot be ignored, and rechargeable batteries are widely used. Now let's popularize th... More

    2021-12-10 News
  • How does the electrolyte affect the Ni-MH battery?

    With the continuous improvement of nickel-hydrogen battery performance, its application scope is further expanding. Electrolyte is one of the important components of nickel-hydrogen battery, and its composition, concentration, content and impurity ty... More

    2021-12-02 News