Maintenance tricks


The maintenance of the mobile phone battery should star […]

The maintenance of the mobile phone battery should start from the first charge. The first charge has a great impact on the service life of the battery. Generally, the first charge time is 16 hours (if the battery is fully charged, it should be used up first), but it must not exceed 24 hours, otherwise the battery may be charged. Recharging later requires recharging every time you run out, about 5-6 hours each time. The most important thing is not to charge the battery after half use or the used battery suddenly stop using for several months. The standard battery life is one year. After one year of use, the battery can be discharged every two months, which has a good effect on extending the battery life. However, it is not necessary to recharge the new battery after each discharge. Finally, please pay attention to the battery that leaks, do not continue to use it, otherwise you will lose more.
Eight notes for mobile phone battery maintenance:
1. Do not heat the battery or place it in a fire, otherwise there is danger of explosion.
2. Do not let the battery get wet or put in water.
3. Do not touch metal electrodes such as keys, coins, necklaces, etc. to prevent short circuit.
4. Store in dry and low temperature areas, avoid storage or use in high temperature areas.
5. Do not store the battery in an environment above 60 ° C or below -20 ° C.
6. Do not apply external force to the battery or make it fall from a high place.
7. Do not use a bad charger to avoid dissatisfaction with charging or damage to the battery.
8. Do not store the battery for a long time after it is fully charged.