Let the alkaline batteries be used to the best?


In the process of using alkaline batteries, when the "r […]

In the process of using alkaline batteries, when the "red light" is on, many people think that they are exhausted and throw them into the trash can. In fact, the lighting of the "red light" does not mean that the battery is exhausted, but that the battery is unable to meet the demand for high power consumption. The investigation report shows that due to the misleading of the "red light" false signal, a large number of alkaline batteries have not been used to the fullest.
In this regard, we conducted a series of experiments, using Nanfu Energy Ring alkaline batteries for digital cameras, and after the batteries were exhausted, they tested their use time on remote control and other small appliances through standard procedures. As a result, the continuous use time of these used alkaline batteries on the remote control is about three times the use time of brand new carbon batteries. This means that the bright red alkaline batteries cannot continue to be used in high-power digital cameras. But it can support low-power remote control work.
Therefore, battery manufacturers reminded that alkaline batteries can continue to serve low-power devices such as alarm clocks, remote controls, and doorbells after they are used in higher-power electronic products. In order to make the best use of alkaline batteries, we can achieve this by the following methods; for example, quickly rubbing the used batteries on a cloth to heat them up, or putting the old batteries in the refrigerator for a period of time.
The main reason why used alkaline batteries can be reused is that the electric energy in the batteries has not been used up, and it will take a period of time to release all the accumulated electric energy. Since alkaline batteries have 6 to 8 times the power of carbon batteries, it is more prone to "false" emptying of power.
Making the most of alkaline batteries can not only reduce consumer expenditures, but also reduce pressure on environmental pollution. Why not do it?