Is it possible to recharge and use disposable batteries?


In theory, dry batteries cannot be charged. Since the i […]

In theory, dry batteries cannot be charged. Since the introduction of alkaline batteries, I have started to research and experiment on its rechargeability, and finally came to the conclusion that the recharging and recycling of alkaline dry batteries is completely feasible.
Battery repair
Just master the following elements:
1. The battery should not be too depleted-the terminal voltage is not less than 1.3V, and the short-circuit current is not less than 300mA.
2. The charging current is controlled at 50mA.
3. Clamp the battery.
4. Stop when the voltage rises to 1.7V, which can at least double the life.
Battery repair
1. Use a special charger. Each is charged separately, the measured maximum is 30mA, and the cut-off is 1.62V. The customized chip is said to have a negative depolarization pulse.
2. Do not discharge too deeply. If this type of battery is evaluated, it is obviously not as economical as a nickel-hydrogen battery as a secondary battery. A long time ago, Ni-MH batteries above 2300mah have been able to be mass-produced steadily, and the use of Ni-MH batteries should be promoted. The next generation of alkaline zinc-manganese batteries is nickel-zinc batteries with higher power and better rechargeability.