Introduction to Carbon Battery


Carbon battery full name: neutral zinc-manganese dioxid […]

Carbon battery full name: neutral zinc-manganese dioxide dry battery, which belongs to the primary battery in the chemical power source, and is a kind of disposable battery.

Because the electrolyte of this kind of chemical power device is a kind of non-flowable paste, it is also called a dry battery, which is relative to a battery with a flowable electrolyte. Carbon batteries are not only suitable for flashlights, semiconductor radios, tape recorders, cameras, electronic clocks, toys, etc., but also for various fields in the national economy such as national defense, scientific research, telecommunications, navigation, aviation, and medicine. Carbon batteries are mainly used for low-power appliances, such as clocks, wireless mice, and so on. Alkaline batteries should be used for high-power appliances, such as cameras. Some cameras can’t support alkaline, so you need to use nickel-metal hydride.