When you play the phone while charging, the battery will be damaged? Don't tease, the battery is not as fragile as you think.


In the era of the popularity of smart phones, when we p […]

In the era of the popularity of smart phones, when we play mobile phones, more or less, there will be insufficient power and play while playing. Many people say that playing while charging will cause some damage to mobile phones and some electronic components. Xiaobian tells you that although charging while playing mobile phone is not good, but the damage of the battery and playing the phone is not half-dollar relationship!

The mobile phone does not, as you might imagine, playing the game while charging, causing it to discharge while charging. In fact, most of the regular mobile phone chargers can guarantee to charge the battery while playing the mobile phone. When we play the mobile phone, the charging current will be divided into the following two paths, one for the mobile phone battery and one for the mobile phone directly, the theory In the above, the two paths do not interfere with each other. When we play while we are playing, the power management chip is working at the same time. That is to say, in the normal charging process, the power of the mobile phone is provided by the charger instead of the battery, and the battery is only responsible for being charged without discharging. So there is no such thing as playing a mobile phone on the battery!

However, although this will not damage the mobile phone battery, it will have an impact on the mobile phone itself, which will cause the mobile phone battery to be in a relatively unfavorable charging environment. Let us think about it, when we are charging while playing mobile phones, our mobile phones will become more and more hot, because when the mobile phone is charging, the battery will generate heat, which has already put a burden on the mobile phone itself, plus play Mobile phones, internal system operation also causes the mobile phone to generate heat, coupled with the accumulation of heat generated by the processor, memory and screen itself, the internal temperature of the mobile phone may reach 50 °C or above. This high temperature can cause adverse effects on the battery and various components in the mobile phone, and shorten the service life of the mobile phone, which may even cause the mobile phone to explode.

In summary, often when the battery is not full, it will make the current fluctuations larger, so the mobile phone, battery and charger are overloaded. Therefore, it is recommended to fully charge the battery before playing. Forced charging while the battery is dead is a fatal injury to the battery.