• The harm of waste batteries to the human body

    When the environmental issues are boiling around you, you still don't know what you can do for the earth? When the energy crisis sweeps across the globe and impacts the entire environment, you still don't know what to do for yourself? There is only o... More

    2019-10-26 News
  • Abuse of battery hazards

    With the widespread use of batteries, the troubles caused by used batteries are increasing, and what harm is the abuse of batteries? Most batteries contain mercury, which oxidizes and rusts when they are disposed of on the Earth's surface. Mercury wi... More

    2019-11-01 News
  • Battery classification

    There are different methods for classifying batteries, and their classification methods can be roughly divided into three categories. Divided by type of electrolyte: Alkaline batteries, electrolytes mainly based on potassium hydroxide fire solution: ... More

    2019-11-09 News