• What are the similarities and differences in leakage between alkaline batteries and carbon batteries?

    Although my country is a big country in battery production, the problem of battery leakage still exists, especially for dry batteries. Our commonly used dry batteries are mainly alkaline batteries and carbon batteries. Is the leakage of carbon dry ba... More

    2021-11-15 News
  • Why can't alkaline batteries and carbon batteries be mixed?

    Because alkaline batteries and carbon batteries have different positive electrodes, negative electrodes, and electrolytes, their operating voltages and power storage are different. Generally speaking, the capacity of alkaline batteries is five to six... More

    2021-11-08 News
  • Why are alkaline batteries more durable?

    Alkaline batteries are also called alkaline zinc-manganese dry batteries. Compared with ordinary dry batteries (carbon batteries), they have the advantages of durability, large current capacity, long storage life, and the outer casing is not easy to ... More

    2021-11-01 News
  • The structural difference between alkaline batteries and acid batteries

       With the rapid development of industrial information, the increase in electrical appliances has accelerated the expansion of the dry battery market, and the shadow of dry batteries is everywhere in life. According to the acid and alkaline properti... More

    2021-10-29 News
  • Detailed structure of alkaline batteries

    Alkaline batteries have the advantages of high specific energy and volumetric energy density, long storage life, and large current discharge. These advantages are inseparable from the internal structure of alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are m... More

    2021-10-22 News