• Maintenance tricks

    The maintenance of the mobile phone battery should start from the first charge. The first charge has a great impact on the service life of the battery. Generally, the first charge time is 16 hours (if the battery is fully charged, it should be used u... More

    2020-02-10 News
  • Environmental protection department: Mercury-free alkaline dry batteries need not be recycled

    It is understood that the person in charge of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Hefei City said that mercury-free alkaline dry batteries do not need to be recycled, while lithium batteries or nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium batteries, and b... More

    2020-01-21 News
  • Fake battery appeared in the city

    Recently, the industrial and commercial department of Shuozhou City seized more than 20,000 counterfeit Nanfu batteries in a battery wholesale store according to reports from the masses. According to reports from the masses, Shuozhou industrial and c... More

    2020-01-11 News
  • Exploring the field of battery recycling to promote the development of circular economy

    Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the 2013 China's Circular Economy Development Index. The index is based on 2005. After calculation, China's circular economy development index reached 137.6 in 2013. (The comprehensive evaluation ... More

    2020-01-04 News
  • What is an alkaline battery

    Alkaline batteries are also known as alkaline dry batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, and alkaline manganese batteries. They are the best-performing varieties of zinc-manganese batteries. Suitable for large discharge and long-term use. The ... More

    2019-12-28 News