• Battery technology enters a period of rapid development?

    Some people say that the key to new energy technology is batteries. Indeed, whether it is new energy vehicles, mobile phones and other electronic products, or even emerging drones, batteries are one of the most important factors restricting product p... More

    2020-09-28 News
  • Will Chinese lithium batteries become the world's master?

    The British Financial Times reported that China's new energy policy in recent years has attracted global attention. In the highly competitive lithium battery market, China is becoming the dominant player. The report pointed out that not long ago, the... More

    2020-09-21 News
  • Is battery system safety the focus of future standard formulation?

    The Chinese Society of Automotive Engineering and the China Fire Protection Association jointly held a seminar on electric vehicle fire safety in Beijing, initiated strategic cooperation research in the field of automotive fire safety, and put fire s... More

    2020-09-14 News
  • What is the specific explanation for alkaline batteries?

    In terms of environmental protection. Alkaline batteries are also called alkaline dry batteries or alkaline zinc-manganese dry batteries. They are suitable for instruments that require large discharge and long-term use. Alkaline batteries have low in... More

    2020-09-08 News
  • What are the precautions when using the battery?

    Leaking electrolyte Alkaline batteries that have been placed for a long time will leak electrolyte. Because the electrolyte is a corrosive alkaline substance, potassium hydroxide, it will irritate the eyes, respiratory tract and skin. The electrolyte... More

    2020-08-27 News