• The harm of waste batteries to the human body

    When the environmental issues are boiling around you, you still don't know what you can do for the earth? When the energy crisis sweeps across the globe and impacts the entire environment, you still don't know what to do for yourself? There is only o... More

    2019-10-26 News
  • How much is the performance parameter of alkaline battery?

    The main performance parameters of alkaline batteries: 1, voltage: open circuit voltage is also no-load voltage is generally around 1.6V, high can reach 1.725V, nominal voltage is 1.5V; 2. Discharge capacity: Generally speaking, alkaline batteries ar... More

    2019-10-19 News
  • Can alkaline batteries be charged?

    Can ordinary alkaline batteries be charged? As a disposable battery, the charging time should not be too long. It is easy to cause an overheating explosion (electrolyte outflow in the battery) to charge the ordinary battery for a long time. If you wa... More

    2019-10-12 News
  • The name and principle of alkaline dry battery

    Alkaline dry batteries, also known as alkaline batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, and alkaline manganese batteries, are among the best in the zinc-manganese battery series. Suitable for large discharges and long-term use. Mainly used for: ... More

    2019-09-30 News
  • The true meaning of green batteries

    Green battery refers to a class of high-performance, non-polluting batteries that have been put into use or are being developed and developed in recent years. Metal hydride nickel batteries, lithium ion batteries, and mercury-free zinc-manganese prim... More

    2019-09-21 News