• What are the commonly used NiMH batteries?

    Nickel-metal hydride batteries are often used in our lives. They are more expensive and perform better than nickel-separated batteries. For lithium batteries, there are still some gaps in performance. In the process of using nickel-metal hydride batt... More

    2022-04-21 News
  • What are the charging control methods for quick charging of NiMH batteries?

    When charging NiMH batteries, the charging current is very large when using the fast charging method. After the battery is charged enough, if the fast charging is not stopped in time, the battery will be overcharged, thus affecting the service life o... More

    2022-04-14 News
  • What is the difference between the 5th battery and the 7th battery?

    The 5th battery and the 7th battery are the two most commonly used batteries by consumers. However, there are still many consumers who can't tell the size of the 5th battery and the 7th battery. Let me tell you about their differences. point. In term... More

    2022-04-08 News
  • What is the difference between the different types of battery capacity?

    The capacity of alkaline batteries is generally 5 to 7 times that of zinc-manganese batteries; Compared with alkaline batteries, lithium batteries have similar capacities. But if calculated by volume, the capacity of lithium battery is larger than th... More

    2022-04-01 News
  • How to properly use rechargeable batteries?

    The first charge of a newly purchased rechargeable battery is critical. Generally, professional rechargeable batteries are always set to zero power and no-load state when they leave the factory. Therefore, new rechargeable batteries must be charged b... More

    2022-03-24 News