• Should the battery be charged frequently or after it is discharged?

    As the discharge is shallower, the number of cycles will increase greatly. Therefore, according to this theory, frequent charging is beneficial to the cycle life, but there are a lot of chargers in circulation on the market. Generally speaking, due t... More

    2021-03-08 News
  • About the processing technology of dry batteries?

    As we all know, my country is a big country in battery production and consumption. While mass production and use of dry batteries, a large number of waste dry batteries will inevitably be produced. If the dry battery is not properly treated, it will ... More

    2021-03-01 News
  • Use alkaline batteries?

    In the process of using alkaline batteries, when the "red light" is on, many people think that they are exhausted and throw them into the trash can. In fact, the lighting of the "red light" does not mean that the battery is exhausted, but that the ba... More

    2021-02-22 News
  • About AAA alkaline batteries?

    At present, in order to meet the design needs of battery manufacturers, manufacturers and consumers for the use and design of powerful electronic products, a new generation of high-tech electronic product power alkaline battery AAA is strongly launch... More

    2021-02-18 News
  • What is the difference between alkaline batteries and ordinary dry batteries?

            1. Different logos: Take cylindrical battery as an example. The category identification of alkaline battery is LR, such as "LR6" for AA alkaline batteries, and "LR03" for AA alkaline batteries; ordinary dry batteries are identified as R, such... More

    2021-02-07 News