• When choosing a battery, how to balance the performance and price of the battery?

        To choose the right battery, you must first understand the power requirements of electronic equipment before you can make a shrewd decision. Generally speaking, devices with higher power requirements must operate at high currents.    Ni-MH b... More

    2021-05-06 News
  • What types of batteries are on the market?

             Batteries sold on the market can usually be divided into two types: disposable batteries and Rechargeable Alkaline batteries.    Disposable batteries are commonly known as "disposable" batteries, because they can no longer be recharged after... More

    2021-04-25 News
  • What are the precautions about the battery?

    Electrolyte leakage: long-term alkaline batteries will leak electrolyte. Since the electrolyte is a corrosive alkaline substance, potassium hydroxide, it will have an irritating effect on the eyes, respiratory tract and skin; the electrolyte will als... More

    2021-04-19 News
  • Do you not know the little knowledge of the battery?

    Batteries need to be stored for a period of time before they can be packaged and shipped The storage performance of the battery is an important parameter to measure the stability of the overall performance of the battery. After the battery has been s... More

    2021-04-12 News
  • How to buy disposable batteries?

    (1) First, select the battery type and size according to the requirements of the electrical appliance, and decide which type of battery to buy according to the power consumption and characteristics of the electrical appliance. For the remote control,... More

    2021-04-06 News