• How to buy disposable batteries?

    (1) First, select the battery type and size according to the requirements of the electrical appliance, and decide which type of battery to buy according to the power consumption and characteristics of the electrical appliance. For the remote control,... More

    2021-04-06 News
  • What is the difference between various common rechargeable batteries?

    At present, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion Rechargeable Alkaline battery are widely used in various portable electrical equipment (such as notebook computers, cameras and mobile phones). Each rechargeable battery has its own un... More

    2021-03-29 News
  • What are the common maintenance methods for batteries?

    1. Use the charger correctly: 1. Determine whether the AC power supply matches the charger input voltage. 2. Determine whether the output voltage of the charger matches the rated voltage of the battery. 3. First plug in the plug that connects the cha... More

    2021-03-22 News
  • How to prevent battery leakage from corroding electrical appliances?

    In our daily life, we often encounter battery leakage. No matter what kind of battery, the most likely problem to occur under long-term use is liquid leakage. Any type of dry battery will appear, including ordinary zinc manganese batteries and alkali... More

    2021-03-15 News
  • Should the battery be charged frequently or after it is discharged?

    As the discharge is shallower, the number of cycles will increase greatly. Therefore, according to this theory, frequent charging is beneficial to the cycle life, but there are a lot of chargers in circulation on the market. Generally speaking, due t... More

    2021-03-08 News