• China's lead-acid battery industry development trend

     Lead-acid batteries, which have been in existence for more than 100 years, are still dominant in the market in the next few decades due to their low cost, simple process, mature technology, low self-discharge and maintenance-free requirements. The m... More

    2019-07-13 News
  • The key to solving environmental problems is to fully implement the battery recycling policy

     China is actively promoting circular economy, 90% of used batteries can be recycled, but China's industrial policy does not have a good space for recycling used batteries, making it a bottleneck that has long plagued China's battery development. Chi... More

    2019-07-05 News
  • Environmental status and existing problems of lead-acid battery industry

     After years of construction and development, China's lead-acid battery industry has basically formed a system and has a rapid development trend, and environmental protection issues have also made breakthroughs. At present, China's treatment methods ... More

    2019-06-29 News
  • Lead-acid battery industry status

    In recent years, lead-acid battery technology has continued to develop and products have matured. The starting battery structure is gradually optimized and upgraded. The maintenance-free battery is widely used and is still an important power supply d... More

    2019-06-15 News
  • Car battery top ten brand secret

    1、 VARTA Valta battery. Now affiliated to Johnson Controls, founded in 1888 in Hagen, Germany, is the most famous car battery brand in Europe. Since its inception, VARTA Valta has been adhering to its high-end quality and cutting-edge technology, pro... More

    2019-05-17 News