• What is an alkaline battery

    Alkaline batteries are also known as alkaline dry batteries, alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, and alkaline manganese batteries. They are the best-performing varieties of zinc-manganese batteries. Suitable for large discharge and long-term use. The ... More

    2019-12-28 News
  • How to buy alkaline batteries

    Many people in China are not familiar with alkaline batteries, but they have begun to occupy the market at an alarming rate. Its main advantage is its durable power, which is generally seven times that of ordinary batteries. In addition, alkaline bat... More

    2019-12-20 News
  • How advanced is alkaline battery technology to date

    Rechargeable alkaline zinc-manganese battery An improved alkaline zinc-manganese battery that can be reused by charging, referred to as RAM. The structure and manufacturing process of this battery are basically the same as those of alkaline zinc-mang... More

    2019-12-14 News
  • What to pay attention to when using alkaline batteries

    When using alkaline batteries, pay attention to the following points: Leaking electrolyte Alkaline batteries that have been left for a long time will leak the electrolyte. Since the electrolyte is a corrosive alkaline substance, potassium hydroxide, ... More

    2019-12-06 News
  • Alkaline batteries rise from the predicament and become a development trend

    In the early 1990s, in the disposable battery market in China, alkaline batteries representing contemporary technological progress and the highest grades were all firmly occupied by the famous American brand Duracell. Although alkaline batteries have... More

    2019-11-29 News