• Charger classification and operation

    Charger classification: distinguished by transformers with and without power frequency (50 Hz), can be divided into two categories. Freight three-wheel chargers generally use chargers with power frequency transformers, which are large, heavy, and exp... More

    2020-04-27 News
  • How to protect the phone?

    1. A mobile phone is an electronic product. Generally, electronic products are "afraid of" strong collisions, so in order to reduce the damage of collisions, we can help the mobile phone with a shell or a jacket. After all, mobile phone collisions ar... More

    2020-04-21 News
  • Recharge after running out, the battery life of electric vehicles is short

    The newly purchased electric car has just been riding for a year, and the battery has started to call. After running fully, it runs out and runs out of power. Sometimes, it can be fully charged even after a short charging time. This makes Mr. Zhao in... More

    2020-04-14 News
  • Are alkaline batteries and carbon batteries inseparable in your life? How to choose correctly?

    Whether it is a common air-conditioning remote control in life, TV remote control or children's toys, wireless mouse keyboard, quartz clock electronic watch, radio can not do without batteries. When we go to the store to buy a battery, we usually ask... More

    2020-04-08 News
  • Precautions for the use of super capacitors

    1. The super capacitor has a fixed polarity, and the polarity should be confirmed before use. 2. The supercapacitor should be used under the nominal voltage: when the capacitor voltage exceeds the nominal voltage, it will cause the electrolyte to dec... More

    2020-04-03 News