• What is the latest technology of alkaline batteries?

    Rechargeable alkaline zinc-manganese battery (rechargeablealkaline zinc-manganese battery) An improved alkaline zinc-manganese battery that can be used repeatedly by charging, referred to as RAM. The structure and manufacturing process of this kind o... More

    2020-08-14 News
  • How much do you know about alkaline batteries?

    Alkaline batteries are successful high-capacity dry batteries, and they are also one of the batteries with a cost-performance ratio. Alkaline batteries use manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, zinc as the negative electrode, and potassium hyd... More

    2020-08-08 News
  • Is it possible to recharge and use disposable batteries?

    In theory, dry batteries cannot be charged. Since the introduction of alkaline batteries, I have started to research and experiment on its rechargeability, and finally came to the conclusion that the recharging and recycling of alkaline dry batteries... More

    2020-07-28 News
  • Are dry batteries environmentally friendly?

    Are alkaline batteries more environmentally friendly? Because Lei Jun introduced the "alkaline environmental protection battery, mercury-free and cadmium-free" to the rainbow battery produced by Zimi. Then let's come to the science of this question. ... More

    2020-07-21 News
  • Why should the battery be inspected and maintained regularly?

    During the operation of the vehicle, it is particularly difficult to maintain a reliable charge-discharge balance of the vehicle electrical system due to the increased power of the engine when the low-temperature cold vehicle starts and the complicat... More

    2020-07-14 News