• About alkaline dry batteries?

    Alkaline dry battery is a kind of long-life disposable battery, which is improved on the basis of common zinc manganese acid battery. Also known as alkaline manganese dry battery. The shape and size are the same as ordinary manganese batteries. Becau... More

    2021-01-04 News
  • Regarding the problems and suggestions in the recycling process of used batteries?

    ①Batteries cannot be disposed of after being recycled, and are generally stacked. During the stacking process, batteries may leak or toxic substances may spread. To ②Due to the wide variety of alkaline battery and many counterfeit products, it also b... More

    2020-12-28 News
  • Do you know the current collector of the battery?

    Copper and aluminum are the most commonly used materials for anode and cathode current collectors, respectively. Among them, aluminum foil is easier to form an oxide film on the surface regardless of whether it is in the air or in the electrolyte. At... More

    2020-12-21 News
  • What is battery self-discharge and electrode instability?

    Self-discharge refers to the natural loss of electrical capacity when the battery is not in use. The capacity loss caused by self-discharge of lithium-ion battery is divided into two situations: one is reversible capacity loss; the other is irreversi... More

    2020-12-14 News
  • Analysis of the cause of battery capacity loss? (1)

    Overcharge The so-called overcharging is the process of continuing to charge after exceeding the specified charge termination voltage (usually 4.2V). In the case of overcharge, the battery capacity will be attenuated, mainly due to the following fact... More

    2020-12-07 News