• How to prevent dry battery leakage?

    During the use of dry batteries, liquid leakage occurs from time to time. Any type of dry battery will have a certain leakage phenomenon, including ordinary zinc-manganese batteries and alkaline batteries, among which the over-discharge of the batter... More

    2022-03-09 News
  • What are the maintenance methods for NiMH batteries?

    1. The nickel-hydrogen battery must be fully discharged (charged on an empty stomach) after it has just been purchased. It generally takes about 3 to 5 times to measure whether the battery capacity of the nickel-hydrogen battery is normal. fully acti... More

    2022-03-02 News
  • Selection of Zinc Alloy Powder for Low Mercury Alkaline Battery

    Today, with people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, commonly used alkaline batteries have achieved low mercury or even no mercury, and the selection of alloy gold powder is the main improvement measure for low mercury in alkaline b... More

    2022-02-22 News
  • What is the effect of gelling agent content on the discharge performance of alkaline batteries?

    Glue refers to the latex thick liquid or semi-solid preparation of homogeneous, suspension or emulsion form of medicine and suitable excipients. A certain amount of gelling agent is added to the negative electrode zinc paste of alkaline zinc-manganes... More

    2022-02-16 News
  • Detailed explanation of alkaline battery structure

    Alkaline batteries have the advantages of high specific energy and volume energy density, long storage life, large current discharge, etc., and these advantages are inseparable from the internal structure of alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are... More

    2022-02-09 News