How to use Ni-MH battery?


1. Under normal circumstances, new nickel-metal hydride […]

1. Under normal circumstances, new nickel-metal hydride batteries only contain a small amount of electricity, and you must charge them before using them after purchase. However, if the battery leaves the factory for a short time and has sufficient power, it is recommended to use it first and then recharge it. .The performance of newly-purchased nickel-metal hydride batteries is usually 3-4 times of charging and use before they can reach their best performance. Many friends have small problems with the first charging, for example, the use time after the first charging is unimaginable. so many. The problem was solved after 3-4 times of charging and use.

2. Although the memory effect of Ni-MH batteries is small, it is still recommended that everyone try to charge them after each use, and charge them all at once. Do not charge them for a while and then use them for a while. This is an important point of "prolonging one's life." When charging the battery, pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger. In order to avoid problems such as power loss, keep the contact points at both ends of the battery and the inside of the battery cover clean. If necessary, use a soft, clean, dry cloth to wipe gently.

3. When not in use for a long time, remember to take the battery out of the battery compartment and place it in a dry environment. It is recommended to put it in the battery box to avoid battery short circuit. Ni-MH batteries that have not been used for a long time will naturally enter a "sleep" state after being stored for a few months, and the battery life will be greatly reduced. If the Ni-MH battery has been stored for a long time, it is recommended that you use a slow charge to charge it first. 、Because: According to the test, the best condition for storage of Ni-MH battery is about 80% charged storage. This is because the self-discharge of Ni-MH batteries is relatively large (about 10%-15% a month). If the battery is completely discharged and then stored and not used for a long time, the self-discharge of the battery will cause the battery to over-discharge. It will damage the battery. Suggestion: Compare more, correct the wrong point of view, and start maintaining the battery from the right direction, otherwise it will be counterproductive.