How to protect the phone?


1. A mobile phone is an electronic product. Generally, […]

1. A mobile phone is an electronic product. Generally, electronic products are "afraid of" strong collisions, so in order to reduce the damage of collisions, we can help the mobile phone with a shell or a jacket. After all, mobile phone collisions are inevitable.
2. The phone is filled with water, please remember not to make any key action, especially shut down (one press any action, the water will immediately follow the circuit board), the correct method is to immediately open the cover, directly remove the battery, directly force If the power is off, you can ensure that the motherboard is not invaded by water, and then you can use a hair dryer to blow it dry or take it to a repair shop for repair. This common sense is very important, so I tell everyone that you can use your phone for a longer time.
3. How to bring the cell phone battery back to life
When the battery life of your mobile phone becomes shorter (memory effect or aging), will you buy another battery to replace it? Next time when you encounter this situation, please save your money and tell you a very effective way to try it:
1) Wrap the battery in newspaper, wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for three days (newspaper can absorb excess water).
2) After three days, take it out at room temperature and let it down for two days.
3) Charge the battery two days later, fill it up, and then carry out a mobile phone wrap test (estimated to save 80% -90%).
This message was revealed by engineers of well-known battery manufacturers. According to friends who have tested it, the effect is quite effective. As for the effect, the battery is almost useless anyway, and everyone has a refrigerator, friends may wish to give it a try!
4. Make a CPR for your phone
Is the phone always powered off? Or will it run out soon after being fully charged? Must have doubted whether the end of life of the mobile phone? Don't worry, it's just a "heartbeat stop", just a small eraser can bring it back to life! After removing the battery, wipe the contacts (brass) on the battery with an eraser, and then put it back on the phone, you will find it really amazing! It came alive! Still like a new one! It's really useful, for your reference!
5. Teach you how to eliminate scratches on the phone screen
Do you often encounter scratches on the screen of your mobile phone and do not know how to deal with it? Tell everyone a useful recipe. Squeeze a proper amount of toothpaste on a damp rag and apply it evenly to the back and forth of the phone screen. The screen scratches on the phone will disappear. After wiping with a clean rag or toilet paper, the phone screen will become brighter. Professor of Chemistry of National Taiwan University said: The principle is that toothpaste is only an auxiliary product for brushing teeth, which has the effect of friction (repair) and the removal of plaque, and cleans and polishes the tooth surface. Therefore, it will have the same effect on the screen of the mobile phone. But it is best to stick a film, anyway, it is not expensive, especially for mobile phones with handwriting input.

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