How to prevent battery leakage from corroding electrical appliances?


In our daily life, we often encounter battery leakage. […]

In our daily life, we often encounter battery leakage. No matter what kind of battery, the most likely problem to occur under long-term use is liquid leakage. Any type of dry battery will appear, including ordinary zinc manganese batteries and alkaline batteries. The over-discharge of the battery is the main cause of leakage. Therefore, the battery must not be used too "ruthlessly". And often most people will use the battery until it can't maintain the work of the quartz clock and stop completely.

The electrolyte in the battery is a hydroxide compound with strong alkalinity, which is extremely corrosive. The direct consequence of battery leakage is to corrode the reed of the battery box, resulting in rust, poor contact or non-conduction. It is usually accompanied by the phenomenon of alkali climbing, which is the aggregation of many white crystals on the negative electrode of the battery, which is the most common in quartz clocks, and examples of damage abound. To dispose of the corroded battery reed, you can only scratch the surface to remove the rust spots, but if the rust is severe, the reed will become thinner, softer or even broken. Once it reaches this level, it will be difficult to repair.

In addition to quartz clocks, other electrical appliances also have the same problem, including cameras, flashlights, radio recorders, remote controls, and all IT products. Therefore, it is recommended to take out the battery for storage of such things that are not used temporarily. A worse situation than battery leakage is gas swelling, and when the battery life ends, its volume will "bless". This is going to happen in high-end electrical appliances, and the battery box will rise to death, and the button will not come out. The trouble will be serious.

To prevent dry batteries from corroding electrical appliances, the most effective way is not to overuse the batteries, and take out the batteries for electrical appliances that have not been used for a long time.