How to extend the life of rechargeable batteries to avoid accidents?


In outdoor travel, equipment such as cameras, mobile ph […]

In outdoor travel, equipment such as cameras, mobile phones, GPS and flashlights are indispensable. Power supply and batteries have of course become a problem that cannot be ignored, and rechargeable batteries are widely used. Now let's popularize the knowledge about batteries for everyone.

Temperature characteristics: As the migration rate of rechargeable batteries in the electrolyte and electrode sheets is closely related to temperature, fluctuations in temperature will significantly affect the technical performance of rechargeable batteries.

Storage temperature: Under normal circumstances, because the battery contains liquid inside, long-term storage at low temperatures will destroy the internal chemical substances of the battery. Therefore, it is recommended that the storage temperature should not be lower than -20°C under conditions; and too high temperature will also cause damage. The battery cannot reach its rated capacity. Generally, the storage temperature should not be higher than 40°C. The normal storage temperature of rechargeable batteries is -20℃~+65℃.

Charging temperature: In general, the charging temperature is between 0°C and 45°C.
Discharge temperature: Under normal circumstances, the discharge temperature is between -20°C and 65°C; but in some special cases, low-temperature batteries and high-temperature batteries can be used.

The battery pack is generally discharged before leaving the factory to prevent short circuit due to shock or other reasons during transportation. Usually, the new battery is not charged or only contains about 20% of the electricity. A new battery or a battery that has not been used for a long time may not be fully activated due to the active material. It generally needs two or three cycles of low current (0.1C) charge and discharge treatment before use to reach the nominal capacity. Batteries that will not be used for a long time should be stored in a charged state. Generally, they can be stored after pre-charging 50% to 100% of the power. It is recommended to charge the battery once every three months to restore the saturated capacity.